Easter Weekend in Kinnekule

Easter Drawing

Kinnekule Forest

Kinnekule Forest

Kinnekule Forest


Found on the hike

Very Basic Raspberry Pi Setup Guide

  1. Download latest Raspbian release (NOT the NOOBS release).
    Available here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads
  2. Make a bootable SD card using a RPi card builder. Follow very simple steps here: http://alltheware.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/easiest-way-sd-card-setup/
  3. Setup Pi without keyboard or mouse on Mac.
    1. Find your RPi’s IP address
      • Use the Mac built in “Internet Sharing” feature. Enable in System Preferences > Sharing > Internet Sharing, and enable sharing from WiFi to ethernet port in the Internet Sharing settings.
      • Plug your RPi in to your macbook with an ethernet cable
      • By default your computer should take the IP address and create a DHCP server in the 192.168.2.x range.
      • To find your Pi’s IP address, open Terminal and start running pings from to
        > Ping
        > Ping
        … etc.
        > Ping
        If one of those responds, then we’ve found the RPi.
      • If the IP range scan fails, then you most likely have a problem with your RPi itself. Double check that Raspbian was properly loaded onto the SD card, that the ethernet cable is properly plugged in, and allow some time after powering up the RPi before attempting to find it.
    2. Make the initial connection and setup
      • Once you have your RPi’s IP address, use Terminal to connect to it via SSH. SSH should be enabled on the Pi by default.
        > ssh pi@192.168.2.x
      • where x with the IP address we found above. By default the user is “pi” and the password is ‘raspberry’.
  4. Run following commands to get latest updates and reboot:
    > sudo apt-get update
    > sudo apt-get upgrade
    > sudo rpi-update
    > sudo shutdown -r now
  5. Then run the Raspbian setup:
    > sudo raspi-config

    1. Expand file system to take whole card: “expand_rootfs”
    2. Change your password if you like.
    3. Set time zone.
    4. Overclock if you like.
    5. Save, exit and reboot.

Optional: Install an easy remote desktop setup tool on your Pi to access the Raspian graphical interface remotely. You may want to do this to setup wifi for instance in a much easier way than command line. On your mac, you will want to install something like CORD to access it via remote desktop: http://cord.sourceforge.net/

  1. Open Terminal
  2. SSH into your Pi:
    > ssh pi@192.168.2.x
  3. Run:
    > sudo apt-get install -y xrdp

Opening: Processed Repeat, Austin Series Vol 2 Group Art Show

I will be showing some of my latest vinyl cover screen prints at an upcoming group art show at Gallery Black Lagoon in Austin, Tx. There are more details below and a Facebook event here.

Opening Reception: Friday June 22, 7-10pm
The Austin Series Vol. 2
Processed Repeat

Printed works & photography by –
Misha Maynerick Blaise, Joolie Bracken, Emily Burns, William Cauthern, April Davis, Johnny Dimas, Sara Fields, Annalise Gratovich, Carol Hayman, Valérie M. Horne, Carolyn Hulbert, Jennifer Litterer, Dan Machold, Kelly MacNiven, Clark Reed & Jo Ann Santangelo.

Exhibit through July 1st. On view Saturdays & Sundays 1pm-5pm.

Always free admission

Gallery Black Lagoon
4301 A Guadalupe Street (corner of 43rd & Guadalupe)
Austin, Tx

Plague Mask


Plague Mask
Micron Pen
9″ x 12″ on Bristol Paper

Stockholm Syndrome

Kingfisher IllustrationKingfisher IllustrationKingfisher IllustrationKingfisher Illustration

Micron Pen
7″ x 7″

North American Wildflowers

North American WildflowerNorth American Wildflower

North American Wildflower
7″ x 7″

San Antonio Zoo

Pictures from my visit to the San Antonio Zoo.